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The Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICA-Service) offers an accessible, independent, low cost dispute resolution service to the licensed industry, which allows tenants/lessees and Pub Companies/Breweries with 1-499 pubs to resolve disputes in a fair and timely manner. PICA-Service applies to the England & Wales Pub Sector Codes of Practice and the Pub Sector Scotland Code.

The PICA-Service is overseen by the Pub Governing Body.

The following diagram provides a brief overview of the PICA-Service procedure. More details regarding the procedure can be found here. Applicants should take care to read the procedure thoroughly to digest its contents. Please note – it is a condition of the use of the PICA-Service that disputes must firstly go through the Pub Company’s internal grievance procedure and will not be able to proceed to the PICA-Service without having first undertaken this.

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Applications to the PICA-Service cost £200+VAT, for more information on the costs please click here or to make an application please click the button below.


For more information regarding the PICA-Service Panel Members please click here

The PGB Group

The Pub Governing Body Ltd group is made up of three separate and distinctive schemes/companies:

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